JCL Minutes 9/26/17

  • We wrote thank you notes to the parents who hosted progressive supper.

  • For the awards for the middle school scavenger hunt, we chose scratch and sniff stickers. Natalie will get those on amazon.

  • We need to take class pictures and then send them to Will for the website

  • We need to get out signups for middle school scavenger hunt on Oct 5, which Natalie will do. Michael went to the middle school to announce the scavenger hunt.

  • We are deciding whether we should do a service project for Houston and Florida, as the NJCL is doing that. Jackson will look on the NJCL website to see if there are things we can do.

  • We need to enter out website into NJCL website contest relatively soon.

  • We are deciding whether we want to do a trip this summer. Greece or Gaul (South of France) are options. The problem is that Menlo doesn’t support these trips though the school anymore, so only those who can afford it can come. We could possibly use profits from convention, if we are allowed.

  • Ludi is November 18 in Sacramento. Morgan will help Magis fill out forms, get buses during tutorial wednesday

  • We need to decide if we are going to the De Young Museum. They have an exhibit on statues that were painted in color in the ancient world from October 28 through January 7. We will try and get a group for Saturday, January 6, the Saturday after we get back from break. We will also eat brunch/lunch that day

  • Promotional Video update

  • We will have four different teams for filming, all showing different things:

  • Sports – Anna, Morgan, Jason, Jackson

  • Arts – Katelyn, Sophie, Drew

  • Academics – Natalie, Rachel, Naomi, Michael

  • Video games and coding – Clark, Will, TRaw

We finished by filling out an evaluation about Magis because she is going through her formal review.

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