JCL Minutes 10/3/17

  • For lunches in the future, we need one vegetarian, one gluten free, two people will pack their own lunch, and 15 others.

  • Naomi wrote a thank-you note to Mr. Lapolla because he got us lunches so that we don’t have to wait in line at the cafeteria and can start our meeting earlier.

  • Naomi will order t-shirts based on Rachel’s list. We use custom ink to order, and we are ordering the soft material for shirts. On the front, we will put the new JCL logo, which Magis will send to Naomi. We will order 5 smalls, 5 mediums, and 5 extra smalls beyond the list for extras, just in case. The shirt will be purple.

  • We decided to not do a project for the hurricanes because then we do a lot of good work with the shelter, and that is already a lot of community service. We also have to organize convention, so we don’t want to overload ourselves.

  • Katelyn is working on hotels.

  • Rachel will register us for state convention for CAJCL, and we need to start registering for NJCL by next week.

  • We reminded everyone that we need to take class pictures for the scrapbook.

  • We sent out reminders for people to bring their supplies for the middle school scavenger hunt on Thursday. We are trying to have people bring things on Wednesday to eliminate forgetting. We will probably have three teams, and we need to make copies of the clues.

  • Jackson will email the person at the shelter to ask for the costume list for the Halloween party.

  • We may design a new thank you note, anyone can do this if they want. We have used the same one for a while.

  • Natalie and Drew will talk to Mr. Lapolla about convention money. We may want to use a profit from convention to give scholarships for our trip in the summer to Italy/Greece, if we are allowed, because then more people will be able to go.

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