JCL Minutes 9/11/18

  • Debrief of faculty ice cream social:
    ○ The ice cream social was a complete success! The faculty greatly appreciated
    the gesture and there was even extra for the helpers.
  • Update on convention donation:
    • Magis wants to present a giant check during assembly to show the convention’s success.
  • Update on ice cream social with middle school
    • Preferably, the Middle School ice cream social will take place in October
  • Caesar Maximus
    • Everyone but one has their forms in
  • Discussed arrangements for Progressive Supper
  • Waffle sale
    • Officers are texting the people who signed up to bring materials for the waffle sale
  • We are taking an entire Menlo JCL photo because everyone is at the meeting today.
    • We need to take photos of all the different Latin classes for the Scrapbook.
  • We set a date for the Halloween Party for the homeless shelter
  • Historian t-shirt report
    • Everyone likes the back of the t-shirts, but the front still needs to be touched up
  • Sophie report (membership)
    • The September edition for Lorica is almost finished.
    • Sophie S still needs Elise’s article from the ice cream social.
    • Put the answers in a different location rather than upside down on the page with the question.
    • Put a picture of Jeff playing piano on the Lorica from National Convention.
  •  Water bottle stickers
    • Sophie G suggests making Menlo JCL water bottle stickers by September 21st.
  • Scrapbook
    • Historians have started brainstorming ideas for the Scrapbook.
  •  Naomi made a motion: donating money for textbooks for prisoners
    • Natalie seconds the motion and all are in favor.
  •  Ethan is trying to obtain waivers for names so that JCL members can have their first and last names on documents such as Lorica.

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