JCL Minutes 9/18/18

  • Great work on Lorica Nostra !!! Thanks to Sophie and everyone who worked on this.
  • Discussed Progressive Supper forms
  • Club Fair: Friday at lunch 
    • Victoria, Maddie, and Sonia can volunteer at the Club Fair.
    • What do we want to show?
    • What do we need to buy?
  • Discussed MJCL finances
    • We gave 40% of money to CJCL
      • Approximately 34% of money is going to Menlo School
    • The rest of our money is going to LNM textbooks/workbooks and the zoo trip for the shelter
  • Naomi motions the debate of how we want to distribute our funds.
    • Natalie seconds the motion.
    • We have come to the consensus that 50-75% of profit should be donated to Financial Aid.
  • Update on ice cream social with middle school
    • Magis said no to any September dates because we already have a ton of events going on this month.
    • Committee meeting to plan: Who and When?
    • Magis invited Sacred Heart MS to join us.
      • Teacher from Sacred Heart MS wants to join JCL and take her kids to State Convention.
      • We need to plan a date to show the Sacred Heart MS how to play Certamen and show them the ropes of JCL and convention.
  • Caesar Maximus
    • Talked about where to eat
    • Get money in.
  • Discuss waffle sale = success
    • We did a great job helping set up/clean up and virtually everyone brought what they were supposed to bring.
    • We need a system for charging.
      • Naomi is going to look into using Venmo for JCL.
  • Halloween party = on hold
    • Magis will go by the shelter today after school to see when would be the best time.
  • Historian t-shirt report
    • Cost per shirt
    • Soft material is ideal
    • Improve bees so that they have stripes and do not look like Mickey Mouse.
  • Sophie’s report
    • We plan to do one publicity event each month. We are making stickers for September.
  • Waiver form for using student names and photos: Ethan
    • Ethan created a waiver form to allow Menlo JCL to take pictures and post on the website/Lorica and allow first and last names to be stated on these forms of social media.
  • News on Constitution and Bylaws: Ethan

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