JCL Minutes 9/25/18

  • Discussed updates on NJCL contest submissions
  • Do state membership: Morgan
    • 35 people have paid for the membership out of the 47 students, however, we still need to register everyone
  • Discussed Progressive Supper
    • 3 hours next year
    • Thank-you notes
    • Plants/orchids as gifts
  •   Lorica Nostra
    • We want to try to create a new Lorica issue every months, however, that is a lot of work for Sophie S.
    • New Theme = Halloween 
      • Because it is in the month of October, the Lorica can be Halloween themed.
    • Write-ups: Progressive Supper, Waffle Sale, MS Ice-cream Social, Caesar Maximus
    • Jokes in Latin
      • Magis and Naomi wrote down several jokes that they think could be in the Lorica.
    • Dear Abby
      • Elise’s suggestion was to be able to write in problems and comments in this website.
    • Pictures of Club Fair
      • We need pictures of the Club Fair to put on the website and in the Scrapbook.
    • Send all pictures of all events to ahna.kim@menloschool.org
  •  Update on t-shirt: Historians
    • Sonia has scanned the photo, however, we are going to type the words instead of sketching them.
    • Get sizes from Morgan’s spreadsheet
      • Morgan needs the sizes as soon as possible so that he makes sure that everyone receives a shirt for Ludi.
  • Ludi Info In:
    • Jack is planning the teams that will participate in the sports events at Ludi.
    • Registration packets are needed because they include everything that is required for Ludi.
  • Business Office has not responded yet.
  • Shelter has also not responded. Magis will try again on Thursday.
    • We want to throw a Halloween party at the homeless shelter and we need to know when would be an appropriate time as soon as possible.
  • Secured date for MS event
  • Card for Mrs. Nguyen’s new baby
    • Natalie volunteered to make a card for Magistra Nguyen.  
    • Gift?
      • Anna can ask her mom to see if she can purchase a baby gift for Magistra Nguyen.
  • Waiver update: Ethan
    • Ethan needs to revise it to see if there is anything that needs to be changed.
    • We need to add that an independent study related to Latin counts as taking a Latin class or being part of JCL.
  • News on Constitution and Bylaws: Ethan
    • Constitution OK
    • We need to add an amendment for voting specification.
    • Ethan would like a poster for signatures to be created and for everyone to swear in.
    • By-Laws need work: Start with officer duties
      • Ethan looked at the by-laws and would like to update the duties of the officers.
      • The criteria to host convention was haphazardly created and it needs to be redone.
  • Report on charging for waffle sales: Natalie
  • Ava: questionnaire
  • Restaurant for Caesar Maximus
    • Ethan says that 50% have voted on the Thai restaurant.

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