JCL Minutes 10/2/18

  • Picture of the Month: historians
    • Maddie has sent in the Picture of the Month.
  • Club of the Month: Victoria
    • Victoria filled out the application
  • Food for the lunch on Thursday for the people who turned in their JCL membership
    • Chinese chicken salad is a required
  • Morgan: report on state membership
    • Forty-one people have sent in their state membership for JCL.
    • Magistra and Mr. Morris both have to join ACL
  • Lorica update: Sophie S
    • Write-up on Caesar Maximus (Ava), Progressive Supper (Anna), first waffle sale (Naomi) (include where proceeds go)
    • Also, the Middle School ice-cream social would be a good event to add to the next Lorica.
    • The Monday before Halloween is the ideal publish date for the next Lorica.
  • Google team drive: Natalie
    • When Magis retires and the seniors graduate, we need to make a team google drive to put all the documents in, which can be called “jcl@menloschool.org.”
    • Someone will need to create this account and be the owner.
  • T-shirt update: historians 
    • The historians are ordering the t-shirts today.
  • Start scrapbook: historians 
    • The historians are going to get together this weekend to print out pictures and plan out the Scrapbook.
  • MS Ice Cream Social
    • Victoria and Sophie R (+Anna) need to find places in the Middle School to set up the Twelve Labors.
  • Renaissance Fair at Casa de Fruita
  • Halloween party: Victoria
    • Victoria has tried to contact everyone at the shelter, but no one has responded.
  • Ludi info
    • The Ludi Information forms go out on October 17th.
    • Ahna needs to find those who have not turned in their forms.
  • Greece trip 
    • Magis can offer money for those who cannot afford it.
    • For every six people, one person can go for free.
  • Convention cheers/props: Jack
    • Jack shares his cheers for Ludi so that we all get points for spirit.
  • Presentation on Menlo JCL Bylaws
    • Next week we will approve changes
  • Open House report: Magis
    • Lots of kids + parents wanted to take Latin
    • Intrigued about Greece trip over the summer
  • Caesar Maximus report
    • Very interactive with audience
    • The stage moved from place to place, including multiple tunnels
    • Saw a large raccoon in trash can on walk to dinner at Thai restaurant
  • Aequora: Natalie
    • Wrote the proposal and sent it to LifeMoves
    • Have all lessons planned out
    • Natalie needs to figure out materials/resources


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