JCL Minutes 10/9/18

  • Morgan: work on membership in NJCL
  • Lorica update: Sophie S
    • Write-up on Caesar Maximus, Progressive Supper, first waffle sale (include where proceeds go)
    • Jokes sent by Magis by Magis, Naomi, and Elise
  • Google team drive: Natalie
  • T-shirt update: Historians
  • Start scrapbook: Historians
    • Ava printed out the photos for the Scrapbook.
  • MS Ice Cream Social
    • Clues written: check a few of them now
    • Copy Clues
    • Text to remind people to bring in stuff by Thursday.
      • Anna can help out after school on Friday.
    • We will have four teams of six so it is all even.
  • Stickers: Victoria
    • The stickers finally came! Everyone should put them on their laptops, water bottles, etc. to publicize JCL.
  • Halloween party: Victoria
    • Victoria says that the director of the homeless shelter will send her information by 10/11.
      • We might have another waffle sale to raise money for this event.
    • What do we buy?
      • We need to figure out what kind of food to bring
      • We will most likely end up buying the pumpkins and bringing them to the homeless shelter
    • What do we ask kids to bring in?
      • Most likely, we will have a waffle sale and use that money to pay for the order of costumes online.
      • Essentially, the waffle sale will be after the party and will pay for the costumes that we used our JCL money on.
  • Ludi: Get forms and money in no later than next Wednesday!
  • Greece trip
    • Greece trip forms need to be turned in as soon as possible.
  • Bylaws: Ethan
    • Ask the Treasury about funds for financial aid.
    • Anyone can make changes or add to the Bylaws, but mostly everyone is done.
  • Mock conference call with Natalie and Naomi to be rescheduled.

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