JCL Minutes 10/23/18

  • Morgan: mail Ludi forms
    • Morgan is preparing to mail Ludi forms soon.
  • Halloween party: Victoria
    • We have eight people attending the Halloween Party, which is enough to help out with all the activities.
    • The volunteers are wearing the new JCL shirts for the Halloween Party!
    • Food ordered
    • Pumpkins ready
  • We won Club of the Month: Congrats to Victoria and everyone!
    • Natalie’s club won Club of the Month! This was our first time entering and, because of the waffle sales, community service, and activities that we offer, we stood out as a great club!
    • Send the info to Than
    • Send to Shane  
  • Lorica update: Sophie
    • Write-up status: Caesar Maximus, Progressive Supper, first waffle sale (include where proceeds go), word-search
      • Sophie S still needs Anna, Naomi, and Sophie R/Victoria’s write-ups.
    • Magis needs to write something
    • We could possibly put a background section on our Lorica
  • Google team drive: Natalie
  • National FPM: Natalie
    • Natalie is the Communications Coordinator and recently went North Dakota for National FPM; besides work, she met some of the other officers and overseers of National Convention.
  • Aequora
  • Push/work with Will to get the Open Certamen Registration program working: Naomi?
  • Scrapbook: They have started!
    • They have started the scrapbook and are now available to meet twice a week.
    • Historians are planning on doing more artistic creativity rather than just little designs.
    • Natalie and other officers can help out with the scrapbook until convention.
    • Show t-shirts
      • The t-shirts turned out beautifully! 
    • When should we hand them out?
      • If we hand them out right before Ludi, it will ensure that no one has lost them.
  • Meeting about the money from Convention: Nat and Naomi
  • Bylaws: We are ready to vote.
    • Naomi’s motion: to vote for approval of the Bylaws.
  • Greece trip
    • Magis needs the Greece forms as soon as possible.
  • Mock conference call with Natalie and Naomi: We had it.
    • Mock Conference call about CAJCL; by not flying, we would save money.
    • Naomi and Natalie to plan follow up meeting
  • Publicity: Sophie R
    • Because CCS for sports are starting, it would be a good idea to put up posters during the game.
    • Also, we could make a Menlo JCL Twitter page in order to promote more on social media.
  • We are having a Waffle Sale on November 7th to compensate for the money we spent on the costumes.
  • Possibly the students who went to Menlo Middle School can help plan a Saturnalia event 

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