JCL Minutes 10/16/18

  • For the scrapbook, they have ordered the paper to work on it, but they need to reprint the pictures because they were fuzzy. They are going to try a different store.
  • Ethan will find someone to fix the light on the scrapbook from last year
  • The middle school ice cream social was successful and the kids really enjoyed it. We shouldn’t do it on a Friday again, because not many high schoolers could come and help (only 4 people were there). We also need easier clues next time, since most of them were sixth graders. We also couldn’t tell who was in Latin and who just wanted ice cream because the middle school teacher wasn’t there quickly. We could do ice cream after, but the kids are really hungry after school.
  • We finally got an email back about the costumes for the Halloween party. The case manager is working on getting a list of costumes. We have candy already, and Victoria and Magis will meet to plan food.
  • The next waffle sale is November 7, Magis will get the sign up list out
  • Ludi forms are due tomorrow, October 17, so we need to make sure everyone turns them in!
  • We are introducing the bylaws at this meeting and voting on them in the next meeting. Most of the changes are small edits.
  • When we are finished editing the constitution, we will get a printout and sign it.
  • Morgan is working on NJCL registration, there is a  broken link on the website so he was unable to finish.

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