JCL Minutes 10/31/18

  • Lorica Update: thank you Sophie!
    • This month’s Lorica came out beautifully!
    • All of the articles were turned and and compiled on time.
  • Redwood Family House Halloween party report
    • Although the party started at 6 pm instead of 5pm, the party was a success!
    • The kids thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin carving, especially putting stickers on the pumpkins.
    • Also, the cookie decorating was very popular because the kids could put their own unique twist on a tasty treat
  • Send pictures from Halloween party now!!
    • Make sure to send pictures from the Halloween party to Ahna because she has a deadline coming up soon.
    • All of the old material from the past updates must be properly archived
  • Victoria needs to send the link to Mr. Healy that we won club of the month.
  • Sophie S needs to share this months Lorica with Mr. Olson so publicize Menlo JCL activities.
  • Date for the RFH Christmas party 
    • Victoria is still in the process of finding a date that would be compatible with all of our schedules, preferably on a Friday.  
    • December 7th is the most compatible date because it is before break and finals.
  • Open Certamen Registration program update
    • Program works beautifully in Python, currently being translated to a binary file
    • Should be done soon!
  • Saturnalia Brainstorm
    • In the Middle School, the students did a candle exchange, which was very fun for everyone
    • Participants need to bring cupcakes, ice cream, candles, and ornaments for the tree.
  • Waffle Sale
    • Organize sheet
      • We need to make a sign-up sheet for people to bring cooking materials and work the Waffle Sale.
  • Scrapbook update
    • The historians are currently working on the officer pages right now.
  • Meme dream NJCL?
    • If anyone has a funny meme that they have made, then please share it with us for NJCL!
  • Get your t-shirts!
    • Please all students who are attending Ludi need their t-shirts for convention so that we can easily identify each other and represent Menlo JCL.
  • JCL Halloween Party!

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