JCL Minutes 11/13/18

  • Menlo Study Abroad is copying us by hosting their own Waffle Sale and using our waffle irons.
  • Waffle Sale:
    • $644
    • Next date?
      • We want to host another Waffle Sale before Christmas so that we can raise money for the Christmas Party at the homeless shelter.
      • We could possibly sell right after Saturnalia, but it is still a tentative date.
    • Waffles for Paradise?
      • We also want to help raise money for the fires in Northern California, possibly by doing a Bake Sale, another Waffle Sale, or just collecting money.
      • As a community, we feel as though making waffles or baked goods brings us together because we are putting in true effort rather than just donating our parents’ money.
      • At the end of the lunch period, Natalie, Ethan, Victoria, and Magis are going to meet about raising the money for the fires.
  • Saturnalia planning: Who is in charge?
    • We need a small subcommittee to help plan Saturnalia.
    • Sophie R and Naomi have both volunteered to plan.
  • Clean up from Halloween and bring up Xmas boxes
    • We cleaned up and put away all the Halloween decorations. Now it is time to put up the Christmas decorations!
  • Victoria: Redwood Family House Christmas Party
    • Food?
      • Lulu’s or Celia’s are great for catering in large portions and serve delicious Mexican food!
    • Suggestions for ornaments?
      • Magis has bought 9 packages of 50 ornaments so far.
  • Morgan: Turn in Ludi registration money
  • State Convention: Info out
    • Reserve rooms now
      • We need to reserve rooms now so that we have sports for our homeroom and discussions.
    • When to send out registrations?
      • We need to send registrations right when we find out the deadline.
  • Metamorphoses at Berkeley 
    • Best time: Friday, Sat., Sun?
      • Everyone has voted on Saturday!
    • Eat first/after?
      • Eating first would be preferable!
    • Invite others at school?
      • We could invite other schools and clubs and extend outside of JCL.
  • Natalie:
    • Open Certamen report
      • Natalie was able to contribute to a win!
    • Setting up Google Share
      • We are continuing to work on a team google drive folder, but we need to transfer ownership of documents for when Magis retires and students graduate.
  • Ludi
    • Thank-you Note
      • Please everyone sign the thank-you note because St. Ignatius hosted a wonderful convention!
    • Debrief
      • Anna, Natalie, Ethan, Morgan, and Sophie R played a good basketball game!
    • Awards
      • We earned several awards for events such as Open Certamen.
    • Send pictures to Ahna
      • Please send whatever pictures you took to Ahna so that we have plenty of photos for the Scrapbook.
  • CAJCL January Meeting
    • Jan. 12
      • The meeting will start at 10:30 and will be over by 2:00.
    • Food suggestions
      • Lulu’s would be a great for catering.
    • Come audit if you are interested in running for state office
      • Sophie R, Ethan, and Sonia

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