JCL Minutes 12/4/18

  • Waffle Sale: sign up for raspberries and strawberries and F and G block + send reminders
    • Anna can volunteer during F block.
    • Please send text to those who signed up to bring materials and sign up now if you haven’t already.
  • Victoria: Redwood Family House Christmas Party Update
    • Build a Bear?
      • The bears shipped yesterday and the estimated arrival is Friday.
    • Gingerbread men
      • They are going to decorate them and pipe the names of everyone there.
      • Magis is going to bake the cookies prior to the party.
    • Check for right paint for inside balls
      • We were debating between glitter and paint, and, ultimately, the glitter seems like the better option because it is simpler, cleaner, and cheaper.
    • For the party, we need to order Buca di Beppo because it was very successful last time!
  • State Convention: Info out
    • Reserve 15 rooms now — best hotel?
      • Natalie is going to call a hotel, but before Magis, Naomi, and Natalie will meet to see which one is best.
  • Lorica December Edition
    • Due December 11
      • Sophie S just added the games and Sudoku, but those who are writing articles need to share it with with Sophie S by Friday.
      • Updates about upcoming events, particularly Saturnalia needs to be on the Lorica edition.
  • Saturnalia planning
    • Thank you Jack for the tree!
      • Put on lights and snowflake top?
    • Anyone else want to bring treats?
      • Victoria is going to bring drinks and Natalie is going to bring more baked goods.
      • Sophie R and Naomi are bringing cupcakes and Maddie is bringing cookies.
    • Post invite on boards outside classrooms.
      • We will be hanging up a ton of posters around the school!
    • Inviting non-Latin friends?
    • Inviting Menlo alumns?
      • Jeff and his Menlo Alumni friends may come to our Saturnalia party.
      • In addition, Jeff may host his own on December 17th.
    • Reminder to bring candles — especially Morris’ classes
  • Meeting for Aequora on Thursday at 3:30 -Nat and Magis
    • Ms. Kelly, Natalie, and Magis are going to figure out when to set up the Aequora meeting.
  • Did we submit the website? Anything else submitted?
  • Next publicity project – Sophie
    • She just ordered some bookmarks and she is planning to advertise in Martin and different libraries in the area.
    • Portola Valley Library said that they would be interested in working with us.

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