JCL Minutes 11/27/18

Saturnalia planning

  • Jack might get an Christmas tree for the classroom
  • Sophie and Naomi are meeting Thursday morning about our Saturnalia party
  • Jeff wanted to host a Menlo JCL party, but we are inviting him to ours

Christmas party – December 13

  • Adriana is new coordinator at Redwood Family House
  • Bought 10 fake Christmas trees — $54 each
  • We will buy more ornaments
  • We may do Build a Bear for the kids
  • Victoria is looking at the different ornament crafts we can do

Waffle Sale is Wednesday, December 5

  • Victoria is requesting the date

State convention: info is out

  • We are reserving rooms now – we will reserve 15 rooms

Lorica December Edition

  • Due December 11
  • Articles:
    • State Convention Heads Up: Natalie
    • Ludi + awards: Ethan
    • Saturnalia: Morgan
    • Donation: Magis
    • Look out for Xmas Party: Sophie S.
    • Club of the Month October + Nov Honorable Mention: Victoria

CAJCL board candidates

  • People are deciding by next week whether they want to run

Moving info to shared google docs

  • Natalie will talk to tech to see what we can do.

Open Certamen

  • Natalie has the file.
  • Naomi will talk to Will to see how it works.

Ideas for our website

  • Right now it looks pretty good.
  • A lot of sites have a calendar, so we might want to add that.

Greece Trip: last deadline is Dec. 20

There is a mosaic/glass fusion place in San Carlos

  • This could be a place that we go and do art projects for State

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