JCL Minutes 1/8/19

  • Congrats on Club of the Month! Again!!!
    • Although we are not sure how many clubs enter, we have been consistently winning!
  • Plan for JCL display at the Menlo Park Library: Sophie R.
    • We still need to talk to Portola Valley Library about setting up posters and handing out bookmarks.
    • However, we have put up posters and bookmarks in libraries around the Peninsula, such as Menlo Park, San Mateo, and East Palo Alto.
  • State Convention — need to get on this
    • Convention is MANDATORY, so please tell your parents to leave for vacation on Sunday morning after convention.
    • Book rooms: Magis
    • Forms: Nat and Naomi
      • Natalie, Naomi, and Magis need to have a meeting soon about the convention forms.
  • Next Lorica in February: Sophie S.
    • Valentine’s Day Edition
  • CJCL Meeting this Saturday
    • Baked goods and snacks?
      • Natalie, Naomi, and Magis will bring snacks and drinks.
    • Who is coming?
      • This is not mandatory, but if you can come, you should try to because it is great experience.
    • Order food for 12: Magis
      • Magis and Naomi are going to discuss food.
  • Carcer and Certamen team
    • Second weekend of February break — anyone available?
      • Ethan, Sophie R, and Victoria are going to try to come to Certamen.
  • Aequora Update — starting next Thursday
    • Most people have time commitments, but there are still a handful of people who are able to help out.
    • Natalie will give updates if we need more help.
  • Natalie NJCL update
    • This will be a Skype call for local in-state Webmasters, Secretaries, and Consuls and other officers at 3 pm on Saturday.
    • The link will be posted on the Menlo JCL Facebook page.
  • Any goals for the rest of the year?
  • Take down the Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments and replacing them with Valentine’s day stuff.
  • Report on scrapbook: Historians
    • The Historians need to print more pictures of officers for the scrapbook.
    • During meeting, the Historians will take pictures of the other officers, but we can send them different pictures if desired.
  • Treasurer report: Morgan
    • Morgan needs to sort through the checks and expenses.
  • Metamorphoses: Magis
    • Really only high schoolers can go to this because there is a lot of nudity.
    • Tickets may be on sale, so we need to get them as soon as possible.
  • Ethan will be printing the Constitution by January 31st.
  • We need to plan a meeting for potential state board candidates.
    • Naomi can send out a reminder email, as well.

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