JCL Minutes 1/15/19

  • Plan for JCL display at the Menlo Park Library: Sophie R.
    • Please send everything to Ahna because she puts everything on our website.
    • We have gotten to five libraries already!
  • Pay state JCL Dues: Morgan
    • We need to pay are JCL dues as soon as possible.
  • Ludi next year
    • Menlo is most likely going to host Ludi 2019!
    • Automatically, one of us gets on the board if we host.
    • If we start now, we can possibly get Mark Zuckerberg to give a talk, because he studied Latin and credits much of his success to it.
    • We could also host at Stanford, again, but it is slightly harder to be in control when we are not at our own school.  
  • State Convention — need to get on this
    • Book rooms: Nat
      • Once we have to prices figured out, we will hand out the forms.
    • Forms: Nat and Naomi: done!
  • Next Lorica in February: Sophie S.
    • Valentine’s Day Edition
      • It only seems appropriate that we create a Valentine’s Day Edition for the next Lorica in February.
      • Ahna is writing about Lupercalia, Ethan is writing about Carcer, Sophie R is writing about publicity.
      • We could send little Valentine’s to all the Latin students and the administration
      • Natalie is going to write about National Classics Week.
      • Magis is going to write about Lovers, in addition to Michael Brody’s article on his choice.
      • Naomi is going to make the puzzles and games.
  • CJCL Meeting this Saturday report
  • Carcer and Certamen team
    • We need more people at practices on Mondays.
  • Aequora Update — starting this Thursday at 5pm. Who can come?
    • We need a few more people to come this Thursday, so please try to make it if you can.
    • Sophie R and Victoria are going.
  • Natalie NJCL update: Webinar
    • Not that many people were able to join the Webinar because it was during mid-afternoon on Saturday, so it is difficult to people specifically on the West Coast to join.
  • Naomi: CJCL Board Meeting
  • Report on scrapbook: Historians
    • Our scrapbook is coming along nicely!
    • We need a volunteer to make the banner, someone who is in ASR to make the catapult, and someone to make the chariot.
    • Most likely, Naomi is going to make the banner, Natalie is going to make the catapult, and Jack is going to make the chariot.
  • Metamorphoses: Magis
    • We have permission slips for Metamorphoses, so please try to come if you can.
    • In addition, we can invite some of the English teachers who are interested, such as Ms. Adler.
  • Note to Mary Kelly to thank her for her support
    • This is Mary Kelly’s last week of teaching Latin at the middle school, so we want to thank her for everything she has done, such as helping out at events.
  • Other?
    • Ideally, we would love to host another waffle sale somewhat soon because it’s always good to have money.
    • Make sure that our sign advertising the waffles says where the money is going.
    • We are most likely going to host the waffle sale on February 6th.

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