JCL Minutes 2/26/19

  • Metamorphoses this weekend
    • Choose restaurant near Berkeley Rep, 2025 Addison St.: Natalie
    • We leave at 5 pm. From the circle. Mr. Brodie is coming with us.
    • Evan needs to fill out the Menlo permission slip
  • Carcer Report
    • Go Latin 2 and 3 teams! And everyone!
  • Show the constitution: Ethan
    • Ethan put together the entire constitution and it looks great!
  • State Convention
    • Leave at 12:15 so everyone can eat first?
      • We are planning on leaving school at 12:15 so that everyone can eat lunch and we can beat the traffic.
    • Everyone come in and sign up for what they are doing. Monday and Wed. lunch for work time.
    • Catapult: Elliot and Luke
    • Banner: Naomi and Natalie
      • Naomi and Natalie have planned out the banner, but they still need to find a time to make it.
    • Call in with numbers to hotel and rooming lists (Natalie)
    • Check program for open certamen (Naomi)
    • Preconvention deadline is Friday: original myth, poetry, slogans
      • Magis wants everyone, despite if you are going to convention or not, to create slogans.
      • We will need to submit some original myths, poetry, and slogans, so please get those in if your can.
    • Deadline for candidates also this Saturday
      • We will be hosting Ludi in the fall!
    • Anyone for JCL Hack?
      • Please let Magis know if you want to participate in JCL Hack!
      • Sophie R said that she might be able to create something, such as a code or game.
    • Anyone for State Banner?
      • Many states have banners and we are trying to resurrect ours, so if you make a California banner, you will receive a cash prize if yours is chosen.
    • Names with phone numbers of those going: Morgan
      • Morgan just sent the names and phone numbers or people going to conventions.
    • List of all kids MS and HS going to convention to Victoria Cruikshank today.
    • Jack: props, costumes, spirit, chariot
      • Sophie Golub to help. Set time to meet with Jack to plan
        • We need Jack to help plan cheers and all the spirit activities for the games and competition.
      • Cheers next meeting — everyone going to come in to sign up for what we are doing. Do we have enough people for the various sports teams?
        • It would be great if those who attended national convention can help out with cheers, in addition to Sonia, Maddie, and the student joining us from Nevada.
  • Easter Party/Rome’s Birthday for Redwood Family House?
    • Victoria emailed the director of the Redwood Family House to try to find a date that could potentially work.
  • Ludi Octobres
    • Ideas?
    • Dates?
      • We requested Ludi to be on October 26th, right before Halloween.
  • Lorica: Miramonte for Inspiration
    • We could possibly add new additions to the publication, similar to the Miramonte Lorica.
    • We could possible do an officer of the issue.
    • In addition, we are trying to get Mark Zuckerberg to be featured.
    • Lunch together on the quad? In the cafeteria?
    • Next issue?
    • Interview with a student or maybe 2: Why Latin, Favorite Things
    • Articles from kids in college: Sara V, Rachel, Ellie?
    • Use of color in the newsletter template?
  • Publicity Report
    • Pick up the poster from Menlo Park Library
    • Next project?
  • Constitution: Ethan
  • Historians Report
    • Date for more extended work time?
      • The Historians are now able to work on the scrapbook at home, so they are doing very well on time.
    • Cover?
    • All of us need to send any pictures to ahna.kim
    • Pictures from carcer: Ethan’s mom
  • Website
    • Remember to send pictures of Latin in the modern world to Ahna
    • Should we get at state convention stuff through our website? Is it linked directly?
      • Please link it directly for easy access!
    • Where should I put recordings of dramatic interp. and Latin Oratory?
    • National Classics Week is a way to celebrate Rome an do fun activities with your Latin club.

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