JCL Minutes 2/8/19

  • Waffle Sale Sign Ups
    • Please sign up to bring a material and help out if you aren’t already and if you are available!
    • We are in dire need of strawberries, so please bring those if you can.
  • Publicity Update
    • We won for the library competition and got second place for Club of the Month!
  • Turn in State Convention Forms
    • February 11th is latest we can turn in our State Convention forms, so please get those in as soon as possible.
  • Lorica — add games
    • We asked Victoria to write up an article about Aequora for this Lorica issue.
    • Also, we would like to have the Valentine’s Day Lorica out before the goody bag distribution.
  • Send all photos to Ahna
    • Not scrapbook people (send to Ahna)
    • We have been making a lot of progress on the Scrapbook, but we need people to send photos to Ahna.
  • Valentine’s Day Cards and Goody Bags
    • All Latin kids, Latin 8th graders, administration
    • Need candy
      • We are going to bribe the middle schoolers with candy and make a party out of card reading!
      • We need to let the counselors who are in charge of scheduling know that students should take Latin.
  • Natalie D.C. Trip Update
    • Discussions ranged from planning for Convention, speakers, workshops, and costs, to National Classics Week.
  • Banner, Props, Update
    • Naomi made a design for the banner and wants to show us her ideas!
  • Scrapbook Update
    • Natalie and the Historians need to have a discussion about what art exactly is necessary for the Scrapbook.

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