JCL Minutes 3/12/19

  • Check on prop orders and get receipts to Magis: Jack and Sonia
    • Some of the materials have arrived for the props, and Jack needs to put together the costumes by convention.
    • Jack, please make thirty props: trash bags with the yellow tape
  • Set date for party at shelter: Victoria
    • Plans?
      • We are having an Easter party, which will take place the day before Good Friday.
  • List of who is doing what: Naomi
    • We need to get as many freshmen to attend as possible because they are the future of our program!
  • Report on trip to MS: Nat and Sophie
    • Sophie R made a clear distinction between Latin 2 and Latin 2 Accelerated, which educated the Middle School on the pace of the classes and what might be the best move for them next year.
  • Tickets for May 11: Victoria
    • These tickets are for the state board meeting, which we are very excited about!
  • Pay hotel: Morgan
    • Morgan is currently working on paying the hotel.
    • Also, he is decided that we don’t need to buy all new materials for the catapult.
    • Morgan and Henry need to start work on the catapult as soon as possible.
  • Money in account: Morgan
    • We are sending the Marriot $1900 dollars, but we still need some others to pay.
  • Another waffle sale?
    • We want to host another Waffle Sale before Spring Break.
      • We could possibly do this on Thursday, March 21st.
  • Scrapbook: Historians
    • The Historians are making great progress on the Scrapbook, but we need more photos for certain classes, so it looks more full.
  • Another meeting for cheers?
    • We will have another meeting for cheers the week before convention.

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