JCL Minutes 3/26/19

  • Waffle sale was a success! $465
  • Plans for Easter Party at the shelter: Victoria
    • Ordered materials for the party
    • Popeyes instead of Buca di Beppo
  • Ludi on October 26 2019 @ Menlo!
  • Convention logistics
    • Check phone numbers
    • Set up WhatsApp account for convention: Naomi
    • Check rooming
  • Convention spirit
    • Make cheering signs: Sonia
      • Will be completed by Thursday night
    • Practice cheers: Sonia
    • People who aren’t going can bring pink t-shirts
    • Make costumes for cheers: cut head holes in garbage bags
      • Jack will demonstrate how it should look
    • *Bring bag of scissors to convention: Magis
  • Set time with Naomi to make sure program is OK for Open Certamen
    • Wednesday lunch?
  • Progress on scrapbook: Historians
    • The cover is completed and the scrapbook should be ready by convention
  • Keep working on stickers for Sophie!

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