JCL Minutes 4/30/19

  • Waffle reminders sent out
  • Welcome to new officers
    • Lunches and restrictions
      • 15 lunches, no restrictions
    • Free periods added to the board
    • Need people to attend Welcome Event on Monday, May 6. Set up 5:00 for 5:30.
      • Toby, Magis, Sophie, maybe Ethan and Sonia
    • Decision about photo collection for next year
      • For the rest of this year, no change (continuing with Google photos)
      • Collaboration on flickr albums (every person can add photos), Ahna will set up the link and share, Elizabeth will create folders
    • Set up new board group chat
    • Need to write NLE & National Latin Honor Society awards: Maddie
      • Maddie create excel spreadsheet, come in to Magis
  • Before banquet need scrapbook with State Convention and Easter Party and Rome’s Birthday with Aequora
    • Maddie, Sonia, Ava + new historians (Lindsey, Jacob), will fix gluing problems and think about adding plastic sleeves
  • Promotional Video for Ludi: Aaron said he would help
    • Lindsey and Elizabeth could help
  • Slideshow for Banquet: Natalie or Naomi?
    • JCL members on NJCL website and pay for 3 late registrants: Morgan
  • Natalie and Naomi need to send out invitation to parents re: Banquet 5:30-7:00 on Monday, May 27: Natalie and Naomi
  • Plans for Zoo: Sophie
    • Planning for 1st weekend of school, considering Oakland Zoo instead of San Francisco Zoo
  • Debate and vote on amendments to the MJCL Constitution
    • Abstentions
      • 10 vote yes, abstentions clause added, abstenties are now permitted and majority is necessary for a candidate to be elected
    • Independent Studies, passed
    • Amendments can only be mad once every semester, passed
    • Grammatical and stylistic changes can be made only with the approval of the sponsors, passed
  • New officer picture taken
  • Meet with last year’s officers
    • New officers should talk with old officers

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