JCL Minutes 4/23/19

  • Re-hash of Easter Party: Victoria et al.
    • Easter Party went super well, everyone loved the food!
    • However, it would have been better if we got more mac ‘n cheese and less coleslaw.
  • Thank-you note to Cami’s grandmother for the frosting
    • Cami’s grandmother has an amazing frosting recipe, which really helped us with the party.
  • Lorica: Sophie
    • Please try to get in your Lorica articles, if you are writing one, to Sophie S by the end of the day on Friday.
  • Waffle Sale: Victoria
    • We will be hosting another waffle sale on May 1st so please sign up for materials and working shifts.
  • Enter JCL members on NJCL website: Morgan
  • Revisit having dinner rather than lunch on Memorial Day: Naomi
    • We will go with the majority whether we want lunch or dinner for the banquet.
  • Send out a save the date to all parents for the banquet: Natalie
    • All parents and family members are invited to the banquet, so please make sure they know.
  • Run elections: Ethan
    • Now we feast!

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