Minutes 5/14/19

  • Video contest — part for officers
    • Promo video for Ludi — Ahna will be making it, Aaron is not
      • Officers welcoming
  • Talked about prepping for the scrapbook 
  • Maddie update on NLE and Honor Society Awards — need someone to finish
  • Banquet Reminder: RSVP, reminder of date May 24 for RSVP, May 27 5:30 for dinner, new officers are slaves: Elliot, Luke, Lindsey, Jacob, Claire
  • CAJCL board meeting recap (?) – Sophie, Ethan, Victoria, Naomi, Natalie
    • Pictures
    • JCL as a new legal entity
    • Encouraging people to participate in academic events 
    • Dinner earlier 
    • Monetary prizes
    • Expand spirit — points from speech events 
  • Reasons for not doing speech events 
    • In class – extra credit 
  • Work on scrapbook – not working on it right now, will work on it next year during the club meetings 
  • Mr. Morris kids need to hand out banquet invitations 
  • Airfare for nationals — which airport are we going to fly into for convenience 
  • Why did we abstain from voting for parliamentarian? 
    • Discussed the candidates

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