Minutes 9/3/19

  • Ethan Yan swears in Maddie, Peridot, and Elliot
  • Sonia send reminders to bring supplies for waffle sale, on instagram
  • Flickr account? – Elizabeth
  • Updates on Progressive Supper (September 22)
    • Luke (appetizers), Sophie (main), Claire (dessert)
  • Certamen Questions: decided not to put a link in Lorica to website
  • Italy Trip voting results: February or June
  • Lorica update: Ethan needs to write an article, Victoria needs to send crossword, Peridot needs to write editorial
  • Decide what the jcl@menloschool.org email should be used for
    • Every document made by JCL should be owned by this email
    • Ludi Registration 
  • Update on food for Ludi: Burritos and Its-Its 
  • Zoo Trip: deadline is September 7th for parent signatures 
  • Show t-shirt design ideas, Lindsey and Jacob, Jacob explains symbolic design
    • To do: make front design smaller, change from 2019 to 2019-2020
  • Ahna is going to do bulletin boards and is in the process of making stickers
    • Ludi promo video
  • Victoria explains Geocache for Ludi, shows flyer
    • We need someone to find 30 words and phrases for the activity clues

We can’t swear the new board in Peridot is not here, and neither is Maddie

Get Elizabeth, the new webmaster, situated with the website and uploading the photos

Using Flickr for photos now – using jcl@menloschool.org

Italy trip – April? February? June?

Sports conflicts? Length of trip?

Mr. Morris will ask his classes 

Food options for Ludi – people who are going

Togos boxed lunch, burritos, pizza

Burritos would be the most convenient — we will go with them


Review committees

Progressive Supper 

Can someone on the board host at their house?

Sept 14? – day after the zoo trip

Historians need to start thinking about the T Shirt

Have some ideas for next week

Ahna: decorate bulletin boards 

Sonia: finalize waffle sale date for next Wednesday 

Morgan – Finance Report 

Menlo did not give us the money that we earned from State Convention

New old guy, Magis thinks the guy from last year did not do a good job 

Starting on a clean slate – we need to start making money — waffle sales, we no longer have $6,000 to start with, $1,000 for the zoo

How much should we charge Menlo student for Ludi? – $25 is normal, maybe $10 

Lorica update: we want it done by back to school night 

Pictures for of National convention attendees and awards

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