Minutes 9/17/19

  • Uploading photos into jcl@menloschool.org Flickr
  • Zoo Trip Debrief: Thank-you’s to Sophie Robin written by Claire 
  • Club Fair: Non-Latin takers can sign up for JCL events and get 4 community service credits
    • Victoria, Maddie, Claire?
    • Get not chocolate candy 
  • Decided not to make Progressive Supper nametags
  • Decided to Change JCL T-shirt Color from blue to purple 
  • Going to host a Halloween in Half Moon Bay Farm, maybe get discount for Redwood City Family House families 
  • Ice Cream Social Date still undecided
  • Post info about our trips on website?: Elizabeth
  • Ludi Heads and Meetings:
    • Luke as SCL coordinator 
  • Send in memberships to state and national JCL’s: Morgan
  • Money for deposit for Lunch?

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