Minutes 9/24/19

  • Ludi 
    • Hades Games: fill a cup with holes and run back and forth with the cup trying to hold water, something with sisyphus and yoga balls, skeet ball?, peach gummies on a hole like tantalus, pinata 
      • Jacob will look into it and bring info to next week’s meeting
    • Raffle Prizes
      • Discussion about prizes: Cash? Gift cards? 
      • We will give out raffle tickets as prizes for Ludi events like spelling bee
    • Halloween Costume Contest is Vetoed
  • October Lorica: Peridot, due October 18th
    • Progressive Supper: Claire
    • Zoo Trip: Sonia
    • Welcome to Ludi: Victoria
    • State reminders: Sophie and Ethan
    • Parlementian Notes: Ethan
    • Games, puzzles, jokes: Latin 4
    • Sudoku: Sonia
  • Sonia will make a Snapchat filter for Ludi and maybe Instagram Live?
  • Update the website: Elizabeth
  • Flickr Update: Sophie help Magis!
  • Thank you cards for Progressive Supper: Claire does Sophie’s parents, Ethan does Luke’s parents, Maddie does Claire’s parents
  • Club fair – Friday
    • Maddie, Victoria, Ethan
    • Magis gets candy and orchids at Costco
  • Halloween Party Locations
    • Lemos Farm, Sonia needs to call them
  • Club of the Month Contest
    • Sonia has written reflections for all MJCL activities, will submit by October 15th
  • Sophie and Ahna will update website 
  • Photo of the Month Contest, Historians 
  • Sophie report on membership at the state level
  • Morgan and Sophie will process membership at State and National Level
  • Remember to register for Ludi!

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