Minutes 1/21/20

Middle School party on February 7th. We will do fun certamen such as Latin translations of songs, TV Shows, movies, and sports teams. Sonia will meet with Magis to plan. Sonia is still waiting to hear back on the shelter party. Today we are going to vote on the bylaws. Madeline Rae Levin moves to incorporate the new bylaws. A gavel is presented to Claire Lenden. The ayes have it. Claire Lenden bangs the gavel. Everyone should send Aequora to Sophie. Morgan Wyatt proposed a motion that ⅓ of profits will go to CAJCL scholarship fund. Motion passes. Everyone needs to book flights for State Convention. Sonia, Ethan, and Claire have finished their Lorica articles. Morgan will finish his article by the end of the day. Ethan and Victoria have an idea to host a certamen tournament for teams to prepare for Carcer. They have tentatively decided that Saturday, February 29th is the best date for this and will raise it at the board meeting on Saturday, January 25th. Supplies have been ordered for scrapbook and they will attach sleeves to pages. They do not yet have a cover idea. They will take a photo of every Latin class this week.

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