Minutes 1/14/20

We need to pick a theme for the shelter party. Sonia proposed Valentine’s Day and Spring Party around March 19th. People like Spring Party idea or Roman celebrations. We discussed middle school party ideas; we could make greeting cards or certamen (which would be indoors, rather than the usual outdoor scavenger hunt). Maybe advertise with hot chocolate or waffles. We could also do jewelry making or art projects. We want to do this sometime first week of February (maybe on Friday 2/7). Certamen competition in southern California is February 1st, but there are lots of conflicts. Ahna and Maddie will ask Mr. Morris if he is willing to chaperone. We helped Claire do final revisions to the bylaws. Ethan shared the Constitution with Claire. Sonia is running for state office. We have Aequora this Thursday (1/16). Morgan will teach vocab. We are going to fly down to John Wayne (Santa Ana) for state convention. This means we will not go to the Getty on Friday (April 17th). We will miss C, D, E, and F Blocks on that day.

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