Minutes 1/7/20

We have reserved 20 rooms at the hotel for State Convention on ​Friday, April 17 – Saturday, April 18. People who want to go to Disneyland will leave later on Sunday; those who don’t want to go will leave Sunday morning. Flights out of Santa Ana airport. Mr. Morris is leaving early. We need to find out the price of Disneyland with a discount. Forms due March 9th to run for State Convention. Sonia is interested in running for 2nd VP. Webmaster position will be open so someone can run for that. Lindsey and Jacob are working on the scrapbook; call out to everyone to send pictures. New Year themed Lorica, but we will have to get it done early because the time period is ending. Post AP can write for the Lorica. Ethan will write about Janus, Sophie on Saturnalia, Claire (maybe) on her trip to Rome, Morgan on the Bridge program, and Sonia on Christmas Party. The deadline is January 21st. Elizabeth needs to update the minutes on the website, they need to be categorized, as well as add events to the calendar. Morgan is separating the membership cards. We need to discuss how much money to donate from the money raised at Ludi. Mid-March, or Valentine’s Day party at the shelter. We also need to make a plan for the party with the Middle School.

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