Minutes 3/25/20

All members met on a Zoom meeting. Sonia shared the Convention ‘21 folder with everyone. Victoria is leading the meaning. She asked all members to share their current emotional stability levels. Ahna could not attend the meeting. Sonia sent an email to the Redwood City Family House for the Easter party, but has not heard back. Magis suggested bringing gifts to the house in person. Sonia suggested Easter kits and chocolate bunnies. Victoria said that most online stores are closed until around April 7th. Magis will go to a supermarket to get the gifts because online shipping will not be available. Sonia and Sophie raised concerns that sending food at this time might not be in the shelter’s best interests. We are going to wait until Sonia hears back. 

Magis asked Jacob (JCL Historian) if he will be able to pick up the scrapbook from Menlo. 

Ethan discussed his plan for elections. His idea is to ask candidates to post a video online and then have voting commence after a week. School sponsors will be in charge of voting. Ethan will record a video of himself explaining constitutional amendments. He is concerned about inequality among contestants if people know how to use iMovie special edits, etc. He will require that nobody edit their videos and instead just film themselves once. 

Peridot (JCL Lorica Editor) is thinking of asking people to send it photos of them baking/doing fun activities around the house in the next week. She will also include photographs of class/club Zoom calls. 

Ahna will send out a sign up list for volunteers for the Convention. Sophie will ask her mother to be the parent volunteer leader. 

Clair might run Menlo JCL elections over the summer. 

MJCL got another Publicity award: the recruitment award!

Magis asked all members who will still be at school next year to sign up for Convention positions. Maddie will coordinate the hotels. Sophie will send her the information. 

We will meet again next Wednesday!

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