Minutes 3/31/20

Ethan and Claire discussed MJCL election. Claire proposed that every person interested would email her and send in a video for the entire club to watch. This election will happen after the CAJCL election that Ethan is running in late April. We will now be meeting on Tuesdays most weeks, time-dependent on Claire and Jacob’s rehearsal schedules which are released each Sunday. 

We then discussed the scrapbook. Magis suggested that Lindsey and Jacob work on the scrapbook over break. Magis asked if she could bring the scrapbook materials to Lindsey’s house, including photo paper. Magis will tell everyone to take pictures of themselves with a Latin caption. They will go on google drive, and then on the website. Peridot will handle this. 

Sophie will update the photo albums on the website. Currently, Ethan is putting up events on the calendar. We need that job to be assigned to someone for next year (maybe the webmasters or consuls). 

Magis proposed making masks to donate to hospitals. There are design ideas online. Sonia will do research on this. Magis also thought we could tutor some kids at the Redwood City Family House (or Menlo Freshmen) who are at home.

The discussion then turned to State Convention 2021. Ahna created a survey for people to sign up for tasks, but very few people have responded. Magis noted that it might make sense to conduct these sign-ups after the MJCL elections. Finally, Peridot shared her ideas for the upcoming Lorica issue and assigned some preliminary tasks. One idea was to have students post pictures of their pets during Spring Break, with accompanying Latin captions.

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