Minutes 4/14/20

Magis reminded everyone that the Redwood City Family House is looking for students to tutor the kids who are not going to school. They all have computers, and are now looking for teens to volunteer. Ten people have already volunteered, and Magis added the rest of the board members who are willing. People can set their own hours. 

Claire discussed MJCL elections. They will happen after state elections. She will send out information about it next week. Sophie suggested that if the office is uncontested, the candidate would not have to send in a video. Therefore, we would only vote on contested offices. Victoria asked whether we should hold a Zoom meeting to vote. Claire suggested she could make a google doc and have people vote there. Magis asked if the descriptions of the offices are still accurate. Claire said yes. Claire asked if we would still have a candidate ask for 10 signatures. Every candidate can send out a google form for their signatures. Victoria looked for a google petition form. Magis said she doesn’t think the signatures are necessary this year. We decided Claire will have people submit their signatures, a bio, and a video (only if the office is contested). Morgan asked if the treasurer will handle both the convention finances and Menlo’s finances. 

Ethan then talked about state convention elections. Candidates have until Friday, April 17th at 6pm to submit their video. The election results will be announced on May 1st. He suggested we use our JCL meeting at the end of April to cast our votes. Magis asked who will watch the videos from our chapter. Ethan will watch the video, so we need one other person to watch them as well. He asked if there were any questions. There were not. 

Lindsey then gave an update on the scrapbook. She has received the materials, and she and Jacob will finish it in the next few weeks. Sonia will send a copy of the easter card to Lindsey for the scrapbook. 

Peridot discussed the Lorica. She did not receive any pictures, so people should send those in soon. She asked for movie and book recommendations. Her goal is to finish the Lorica by this Friday, April 17th. Ethan will make the ken ken. Magis will write a letter. Sonia will write a blurb about the easter baskets (and attach a photograph) and send that to Peridot. Claire will write a small blurb about the elections and send that to Peridot by Friday if possible. Ethan suggested someone do research on ancient Roman equivalents to plagues like COVID-19.  

Magis has the results from the National Latin Exam. She is trying to figure out how to distribute the awards. We will discuss the possibility of a virtual banquet in next week’s meeting.

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