Minutes 5/12/20

Ethan shared the meeting agenda with Sonia. Welcome to all the new officers! Claire will post on social media about new officers. Everyone who is new will have a big role in convention. Ahna shared the list of committee members. We still need a head for Agora, chess, decorations, graphic arts, videographer, and workshops. Evan Kitt will do more research about cheap and accessible virtual reality rentals. He will start a spreadsheet with company and cost. Magis will ask Allie to work on decorations and signage. She also needs to find someone for treasure. She will ask Mr. Morris for recommendations and for someone to run chess (maybe Henry K). Sophie Reynolds came to the meeting. She gave us the Twitter and instagram passwords. Lucas Allard will do workshops. We want That Entertainment to be bigger at the Convention; maybe we could move other events away from Saturday night.

Kayla will work on the next Lorica with Peridot helping her. We will assign articles now. Magis will look for a package with NLE awards. She will give the list to Kayla for the Lorica. 

Nationals is planning an online convention during the same week it would have been. Sonia will write an article on Nationals once we get more information. Ethan will compile a list of seniors and their college destinations for the Lorica.

Sonia and Ahna will have a meeting with Magis (maybe with Sophie and Victoria as well).

Sophie will find a date for a virtual banquet sometime in June.

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