Minutes 5/19/20

Sonia, Ahna, and Magis have written a tentative program for convention, which they will share with the board for edits.  There are some unknowns regarding Nationals. Magis suggested that a board member connect with NJCL to find out what is happening when. We need to find out the deadline for preconvention and the logistics of the dates/time for the online convention in July. Sonia will email Claire to ask if she will do this. We need this information before we start encouraging people to attend. 

Victoria is working on the Nuntius. She has been adding a lot of puzzles to make up for lack of content from the State Convention. She will share the final product with Magis for Magis to edit. 

There was nothing important to report from the State Board Meeting. We need to relay news about state convention. Sonia and Magis will send out emails.

 This Friday, May 19th, is the due date for submitting articles to the May Lorica. Ahna will take over writing Sonia’s article. Magis will send Kayla the list of awards and her odes to the Seniors. Kayla has not received any articles yet, but when people write their officer farwells/other articles, they should be sent to her and not to Peridot. 

Sophie is trying to figure out if the evening of June 5th is available for the banquet. She emailed Chris Young to find out of that date works. Sophie and Victoria will take the lead in running the banquet. Ahna will make a slideshow for the banquet with photos from this year. Magis asked if any of the seniors could make a dance/vocal/musical tribute to share at the banquet. For food, Magis suggested that everyone eats Italian food at the same time to mimic a normal banquet. We could also all have the same virtual background. Sonia and Magis agreed we don’t need a theme. Magis praised Ethan’s virtual background, and suggested that we follow his example. 

Kayla told Magis that her phone number on the master list of JCL phone numbers is incorrect. Magis fixed it. 

Magis reminded everyone that Paideia has summer courses for Latin, English, and beginning Greek. 

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