Minutes 9/1/20

Jacob got access to the Flicker. We are going to have a full JCL meeting next Thursday, September 10th at 2:10pm, with a scavenger hunt and other Latin games. Kayla will release Lorica on that day and she will send Claire a graphic for instagram. Sonia will make a scavenger hunt with Magis. Ms. Jordt and Magis will send emails about the event through canvas. 

Claire will make more sticker designs with more humor. Jacob will put pictures of the 2019-2020 school year scrapbook on the website. Lucas will send out proposed bylaw changes for us to read. We will vote on the bylaws next week. Ahna will make sure that JCL makes it into the yearbook for next year. Magis, Sonia, Ahna, and Ms. Jordt will look at the Blue Book in more depth. 

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