Minutes 8/25/20

Welcome to the 2020 school year! We started by discussing the rates for dues. We think $6 might be a good amount because there are less expenses this year. At the same time, we have less ways to raise money. Usually waffle sales and classroom food cover a large part of outreach. We brainstormed some ideas for raising money. There is mixed information on whether or not the school will allow us to do a bake sale. We could also try a raffle. We could also make masks to sell. Claire suggested we sell pre-packaged snacks like the ones we have in Latin class. If anyone has any ideas, send them to Claire or put them in the agenda. 

Do we need t-shirts? The dues would not include the t-shirt, we would have to charge more when we make/sell them. One name was misspelled on the National Honors Society certificates. Magis will get another one from NJCL. Jacob will post pictures of the four award winners for the NLE on the Flickr. 

Kayla needs another week to finish the Lorica. Magis left suggestions for her in the Agenda. Claire is going to start posting regularly on the JCL Instagram page and Twitter. She wants everyone to take photos of their first day of Latin class. Magis and Ms. Jordt will do that and send them to her. Last year we used StickerMule to make the stickers. Claire will come up with sticker designs for next week, and figure out how to distribute them. 

We are wondering how to stay involved with the Shelter. Evan thinks we should continue tutoring to supplement virtual schooling with . Parties are more challenging if we can’t find more ways to fundraise. Sonia suggested an online movie night. We also might want to provide Halloween costumes, but it might not make sense if kids aren’t trick or treating. We can figure that out closer to October. 

Annika and Cate will look for online scrapbooking platforms. Lucas read the Constitution and bylaws, and will contact Claire to brainstorm new ideas and make sure the language applies to virtual learning as well. 

Sonia and Claire will write up a review on the National Convention for the Lorica. Ahna will write a greeting for the counsels. Kayla will reach out to the graduated JCL members to have them write a bio. All due by Saturday, August 29th. 

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