Minutes 11/3/20

Kayla is at the polls but Lorica is finished. There is a word search and other games for extra credit. Evan reached out to the LifeMoves tutoring program. Unless anyone is fluent in Spanish, they are not looking for more volunteers right now. Claire needs to make a page with instructions for the Amazon link donation. The link with volunteer opportunities is on the top of the agenda and here (https://www.lifemoves.org/holidays/). We will wait until the Amazon drive is over. We might start this for Valentine’s Day?

Magis emailed Ms. Barrada about the possibility of an in person event at school. Ms. Jordt suggested that we do a JCL among us or pictionary. Claire and Evan might be able to help out with that. Ms. Jordt will ask them tomorrow in class. 

Jacob just posted the updated Lorica on the website. Annika has been working on collected photos and she will get more from Ludi. Magis has not reached out to anyone about State convention this year. She’s waiting for Ludi and Scram to be finished. Sonia will get the link for Scram. 

Jaco has to send in a photo for the Photo a the Month Competition.

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