Minutes 11/17/20

The students on campus today will write and sign a thank you card for Miramonte for hosting Ludi. We talked about Ludi and how that will impact our planning for state convention. 

Notes for State: 

  • Ahna thinks we should spread out colloquias throughout the day. 
  • We need more than one scorer in each Certamin room 
  • Magis needs to finish the Certamen questions
  • We should proofread the questions 
  • We should have people introduce themselves with their offices, names, faces at the general assembly
  • It would be nice to have more noise at general assemblies
  • We have to consider whether we need adults in every breakout room. We should have enough with SCL and parents
  • The escape rooms were a mess at Ludi. We need to have different Zooms open with passcodes that people have to find thru clues. We need more than 1 person working on executing it 
  • We need more music and conversation in every activity
  • Claire will help us run a tik tok challenge at state
  • We need better ideas for spirit activities

We don’t have academic test results yet. We need to pick a day for the Gladiator party. We can’t do it immediately after break. Kayla will write the thank you note for Miramonte.

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