JCL Minutes 11/6/18

  • Waffle Sale sheet and reminders
    • Non perishables need to be at the Waffle Sale before school.
    • Anna will help out at the Waffle Sale during F block.
  • Saturnalia planning
    • Preferably, we want to do the Saturnalia Party during the JCL Tuesday lunch on December 11th?
    • It is optional, so anyone is JCL is welcome to attend!
  • Clean up from Halloween
    • Everyone who brought containers, please retrieve from Magis’ room. They are clean and ready to go!
    • Magis still needs to put in the Buca di Beppo expenses from the Halloween Party.
  • Redwood Family House Christmas Party
    • The December 7th date for the Christmas party is tentative, but still possible.
    • Typically, we go to cut down a few Christmas trees and bring the to the shelter to decorate.
  • Natalie & Will: Open Certamen Report
  • Sophie: Publicity Update
    • We won our Miscellaneous Halloween Prize.
    • If anyone has photos from Valpo Bowl, please send them to Ahna.
  • Ludi Preparation?
    • There is a canned food drive, so please bring in canned foods, even if you are not going to Ludi.
      • Most needed foods: tuna, chicken, salmon, low-sodium chili, stews, nut butters (e.g. peanut butter, Nutella).
    • Bring layers! The city gets cold in the morning.
  • State Convention
    • Officers must attend March 29-30.
  • CAJCL January Meeting
    • Contact Chris Sapyta?
    • We just need her there for set-up on Jan. 12
    • Conference Room confirmed
  • Constitution: Ethan
    • The Constitution cannot be amended until March.
    • Ethan should email the Parliamentarian for CAJCL about amendments.

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