JCL Minutes 1/22/19

  • Pay state JCL Dues: Morgan
    • We need to get the JCL dues out as soon as possible because we are one of the last schools to pay.
  • Sage Hill High School is hosting scram this year.
  • Ludi next year
    • We are planning on hosting Ludi next year, so it will be a really productive convention.
  • State Convention — need to get on this
    • Book rooms: Magis
      • We are staying at the Marriott, and Magis is setting up the rooming options.
    • Forms: Nat and Naomi: done!
      • Natalie and Naomi have finalized the State Convention permission slips, so those will be handed out soon.
  • Next Lorica in February: Sophie S.
    • Valentine’s Day Edition
      • Mr. Morris said for Sophie S. to contact him about a Lorica article.
  • Carcer permission slip: Magis
    • We need Carcer permission slips, so whoever is going, please get those into Magis.
  • Aequora Update — Nat
  • Report on scrapbook: Historians
    • Historians are still in progress working out the scrapbook, and they will be working on it this weekend.
    • All of Mr. Morris’s classes need photos for the scrapbook.
    • Latin 3, Latin 2, Latin 2 Accelerated, Latin 3 Honors, and Latin 4 all need photos.
  • Metamorphoses and report on state JCL: Magis
    • Please bring in you Metamorphoses permission slips as soon as possible so that Magis knows how many people are going.
  • Work on various projects
    • In two weeks, Natalie is going to spring planning for JCL, so she will bring us back tons of new information!

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