JCL Minutes 1/29/19

  • State dues are paid and finished!
    • We still have $1150 after state dues, according to Morgan!
  • Ludi next year: on hold til the Menlo calendar is a little further along
  • State Convention: Get those forms in!!!
    • Please get in your State Convention forms to Magis as soon as possible so that we know how many people are going.
  • Next Lorica Valentine’s Day Edition in February: Sophie S.
    • Those who are writing articles, please get it in by February 4th or 5th.
    • Sophie R, Ethan, Ahna, and Magis all need to write their articles.
  • Carcer permission slip: Magis
    • Please get in your permission slip to Carcer if you are going because Magis needs to know how many people will be present.
  • Aequora Update — Had 10 kids
  • Report on scrapbook: Historians have more pictures.
    • The Historians worked on the Scrapbook during tutorial yesterday and made a lot of progress.
      • However, two photos turned out fuzzy when printed, so Maddie is going to try to reprint them.
    • They are coordinating illustrations with Natalie, as well.
    • Also, please let Naomi know if you are willing to help her with the banner for convention.
  • Metamorphoses: We need your money and forms
    • Please get in your permission slip and money to Metamorphoses if you are going because Magis needs to know how many people will be present.
  • Prison letters are in: Should be a section in the scrapbook
    • The prisoners were extremely grateful for the books that we sent them and wrote very sweet thank you notes, which should be featured in the Scrapbook.
  • Waffle Sale next Wednesday: Forms out now!
    • Please sign up to bring materials for and/or help out at the Waffle Sale next Wednesday.
    • We need to make sure that those who are buying waffles know where the profits are going.
  • Jack needs to call facilities to locate the chariot for State Convention.

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