JCL Minutes 4/9/19

  • Thank you notes: Francisco for driving, helping with chariot, picking up the chariot and catapult and always being ready to jump in when needed; Janelle for making it so easy to get the chariot and catapult to Miramonte; Sara for chaperoning and hanging to the very end when all the other chaperones had gone; Dr. Lyell for overseeing the MS and being always ready to help; Miramonte for hosting convention; Mr. and Mrs. Altieri for keeping everything going behind the scenes at convention; Will Buxton for writing the Open Certamen program.
  • Plans for Easter party next Thursday: What still needs to be done? Magis and Victoria need to meet
    • We need to get in contact with Popeyes and get the frosting for dessert decorating.
  • Start pushing Nationals: Natalie
    • Nationals is in North Dakota this year from July 26-31.
    • We would love more board members and JCL members in general to attend because it is great publicity for our program.
    • Victoria, Sonja, Maddie, and Ava just announced that she will be attending convention.
    • Scholarships are available, however, airfare is not included.
    • Our program is leaving on the 25th and we have free convention housing so that we are not leaving last minute.
  • Set time for Banquet
    • Magis cleared the day for Memorial Day Monday.
  • Set time for elections
    • We will most likely be holding elections sometime next week.
    • However, it will be a little tough because we are hosting two parties next week.
  • Sophie S: we need to do one more Lorica this year, but the new Lorica Editor will be doing the Lorica for the banquet.
  • Awards, Pictures, Ice cream Cake!
  • Send all pictures to ahna.kim@menloschool.org

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