JCL Minutes 4/16/19

  • Lorica deadline and assignments: Sophie
    • We need people to write an article for State Convention, press release (Sophie R), Easter party (Victoria), Nationals (Natalie).
    • Magis said that she can write about Classic’s Week
  • Work on stuffing Easter eggs
    • Since we are having an Easter party at the shelter, we need to stuff eggs for the children!
  • Anything at state that we want for Ludi?
    • Having board games and carnival games were great to occupy people!
    • Having courts and equipment available for pick up games.
    • Some of the workshops were great, especially Jon Runden’s.
  • Send all pictures from convention to ahna.kim@menloschool.org
    • If you took pictures at convention, please send them to Ahna because she needs them for her article.
  • Update on writing to the prisoners: Magis
    • To be cordial, we would love to send the prisoners thank-you notes and ask them what’s new.
  • Elections: We have 3 on the state board. How do we handle officers for next year?
    • If you are on the state board, then you can automatically be consul. However, we would have three consuls; if that is the case, then we could have trade offs and the people who want to keep their current position can.
    • What officers do we need?
      • We need sports commissioners, but we were also thinking of creating a new position for spirit.
      • For spirit, though, we could just have someone who is good at it designated to it.
    • When do we hold elections?-next week?
      • We need to hold elections soon because seniors have their last day of classes next week.
  • Banquet: Do we want it one week earlier?
    • Lunch or dinner?
      • Lunch works best.
    • Run by seniors
      • Naomi, Natalie, Anna, Jack, and Sophie S can help plan.
  • Plan for zoo this summer: Oakland?
    • We could go to Oakland zoo instead of the San Francisco zoo just to change it up.
    • To afford this, we would need to host another waffle sale.
      • We could do April 30th for the waffle sale.
  • Officer updates
  • Nationals: who is going?
    • Natalie, Maddie, Sonia, and Ava are going to Nationals.

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