Minutes 5/26/20

Today we are discussing the logistics of the banquet. The seniors are in charge. This morning, Victoria, Sophie, and Magis met to discuss the time/date. The banquet is happening at 5pm on Friday, June 5th. We talked about the pros and cons of 5 and 6pm, and decided on 5pm. Morgan will do the sacrifice. Magis will get the pig from school and deliver it to him. He will wear the formal dress with his head covered. Morgan will decide what funny thing to put in the pig. Ethan and Soda will perform a musical piece for entertainment. Magis asked if there was anyone else willing to perform. Victoria will text Peridot if she is willing to sing. We asked Jacob if Lindsey could send in pages of the scrapbook to show at the banquet. Ahna is in the progress of making a 5-10 minute slideshow. The officers will wear their togas. 

Kayla will put a picture of Jen, the new Latin teacher, with a blurb about her, in the Lorica. She said it will be done this week. Magis said it just needs to be done by June, 5th, for the banquet. The seniors need to send in a picture and a bio about where they are going to college. Kayla will send out another reminder. Jacob will say something about Mr. Morris at the banquet, and he sent in a tribute to Kayle for the Lorica.

Claire has not heard any more about Nationals, but some new information came out about the scrapbook competition, which Jacob and Lindsey should look at. 

Sophie is going to make Claire in charge of the JCL Facebook page. 

Everyone needs to read the program for State Convention and suggest chances. 

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