Minutes 6/2/20

Nationals is happening from July 24th to 29th online. Pre-convention deadlines are on July 1st. There are still convention contests, service projects, and fellowships. More information can be found on the NJCL website. You can register now, although one can request a refund soon before the convention starts. There was a discussion about how to publicize the convention. Sonia mentioned that there was a flyer which could be posted on the Instagram account. Mrs. Vasquez also mentioned asking Mr. Morris to publicize it to his classes and talking about it at the banquet. She also mentioned that it would be important for us to study how a virtual convention is held, in case we need to do a virtual convention for States or Nationals in 2021. Claire shared this link with the rest of the Board with details about the Convention. Also, Ethan reported that the new issue of the Torch came out.

The Lorica is almost done. Kayla was asked to include a brief summary of Nationals in the Lorica to encourage individuals to attend. Mrs. Vasquez also asked Peridot to make sure that this year’s editions were submitted to the National contest, and Peridot agreed that she would look into it. Ethan brought up the farewells in the Lorica. Kayla reported that only one person had submitted one, and agreed that she would send out a reminder email for these articles to be submitted by 10:30am on Friday, June 5.

Mrs. Vasquez gave a few miscellaneous updates, including by noting that she had reached out to the organizers of the National Latin Exam. Although they have not been able to print any awards due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs. Vasquez was able to report that two students had received Gold Medals for 4 and 5 consecutive years each. The full results will be announced on Friday, June 5th at the banquet.

Afterwards, we discussed the aforementioned banquet. Sophie sent out an invite last week and agreed to send out a reminder email. Mrs. Vasquez delivered the pig to Morgan for the banquet, and he stated that he had prepared the innards (although he was exhorted not to share his plans). Sophie asked that she be provided with the list of award winners so that pictures could be more easily taken (by setting up Zoom breakout rooms in advance). Mrs. Vasquez agreed, and Lindsey was asked to take photographs of these award winners so that she could easily put them in the scrapbook. Mrs. Vasquez said that we needed to get pictures of the scrapbook onto the Menlo JCL Flickr, and invited Lindsey to ask Jacob to do that. Ethan asked whether we could dispense with the traditional reading of colleges by each senior. We agreed that Mrs. Vasquez would state where each senior is going to college. She noted that a number of parents are interested in this and Kayla noted that the information is already in the Lorica, so we agreed that this was a suitable compromise.

Mrs. Vasquez said that she had gifts for each of the seniors and there was a discussion about how to distribute them. She had hoped to hand them out during a senior photo ceremony, but Victoria noted that that might not be possible. Mrs. Vasquez then agreed to talk to Mrs. Kelly, and decided that in the worst case, she would deliver them to each student’s house.

Lindsey reported that the scrapbook was done and asked how she could deliver it to Mrs. Vasquez. Lindsey did report, however, that she was not able to make a cover as Michael’s, as they shut down for fear of looting. Mrs. Vasquez asked whether our publicity awards were included; it was reported that they were not included, and Mrs. Vasquez asked that this be arranged. She also suggested that the awards be posted online on our Flickr account.

Finally, Magis thanked all of this year’s Board and paid particular tribute to the seniors. She noted that this was the last meeting of this Board; however, there will be meetings in the summer to help plan State Convention. Additionally, a treasurer still needs to be found.

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