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4/26/16 Minutes

Freshman welcoming event on saturday: Ellie, Emily(?), Natalie(?)   Waffle sale brought in $434! Ran out of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips Plates were too thin No complaints increased price of $5   Officers in Mr. Morris’ class remind him about current events   Ellie and Akshay went to state meeting Lots of work Very long -­ almost… Read more →

Minutes 4/19/16

Today during meeting we had our elections for next year’s officers! Lots of bribes were brought by the candidates which were enjoyed by the JCL community. We also discussed the possible event in San Francisco with the talk about the Amazon. It is in May close to the time of finals, so senior could go but Magis is going to… Read more →

JCL Election Speeches

Bo and Drew’s Speech (for Sports Comissioner): Salvete Omnes, Si nomen iam nescis, in specu vives, verumtamen nomen mihi est Bo. duo milia passuum ambulavi ut huc veniam fabulamque optimam vobis narrem. Illud tamen est longius quam tempus quod habemus. Itaque modo fabor me natum esse ducem ludorum. Lingua latina in sexta classi inceptis, Ego optimam maximam linguam quintos miros… Read more →

Minutes 4/12/16

Officers present: Nikky, Grace, Rachel, Ellie, Akshay Waffle sale: We would love to have our final waffle sale of the year in the coming weeks. A possible date is April 22nd which is a day 7 with F, G, Student life, break, A and then lunch. We need to get the forms out this week, make a flyer, and post… Read more →

Minutes 3/4/16

Today in our meeting we handed out awards from this year’s State Convention at Woodbridge High School. We had many winners including the scrapbook which won 3rd place. Ellie and Akshay will be joining the CJCL board next year, so congratulate them! We also discussed the idea of having a zoo trip before June 11th, but since graduation is on… Read more →

Italy Trip

We’re going to Italy this summer! June 12-24.  Details are in the attached letter and you have to let us know by Monday, February 15th if you’d like to go.  Let Magis and I know right away if you’re interested. Cover Letter for Italy Trip 2016 – By Mr. Morris Read more →