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Minutes 10/20/20

Ahna and Sonia are going to Mass JCL Classics Day, and they will keep track of the speakers. Magis is going to a talk on Race and Racism in Classics. Ludi payment will be available on the Menlo Bookstore website tomorrow ($10). The Ludi forms are under the “Forms” tab on the Menlo JCL website.  Jacob will add a list… Read more →

Minutes 10/13/20

Massachusetts is doing a miniature convention on Saturday, October 24th, 10am-6pm EST. Madeline Miller (author of Circe) is speaking. Sonia and Ahna will attend and Sonia will post the flyer on the instagram/email it out to everyone. She will also make a list of events and people can sign up to go watch. Anyone can attend. Ludi is happening on… Read more →

Minutes 10/6/20

The Golub family offered to do a social distanced party at school with geocaching or a movie (Sparticus/Gladiator). Ms. Jordt and Magis need to get permission from the school. People like the movie idea. Ahna, Sonia, Magis, and Ms. Jordt decided on committee heads for the Convention. We went through the different responsibilities.  We could set up an Amazon wishlist… Read more →

Minutes 9/29/20

Ludi is November 14 9am-5pm. We want the maximum number of people to attend this year; people don’t need to go for the whole day. We are having the scavenger hunt tomorrow (September 30) from 12:10-12:40 for the middle schoolers. Sonia will email Ms. Nguyen from the middle school with the Zoom link and time. Evan told us a list… Read more →

Minutes 9/15/20

We need someone in JCL or a Latin student to draw the cover for the state convention packet. Claire suggested asking Allie McKinny. Because Saturday is Rosh Hashanah, we decided to move the scavenger hunt to Thursday, September 24th during the tutorial (2:10-2:40). Kayla will send out an email. We voted on amendments. List of amendments.  Motion passes. Motion passes.… Read more →

Minutes 9/8/20

Sonia has the scavenger hunt which will last no longer than 10 minutes. We discussed the different possibilities for dates for the JCL welcome event, but we will put that decision on hold until we better understand the schedule and club timing. Kayla suggested that we open the event for all JCL families so we can hold it over the… Read more →

Minutes 9/1/20

Jacob got access to the Flicker. We are going to have a full JCL meeting next Thursday, September 10th at 2:10pm, with a scavenger hunt and other Latin games. Kayla will release Lorica on that day and she will send Claire a graphic for instagram. Sonia will make a scavenger hunt with Magis. Ms. Jordt and Magis will send emails… Read more →

Minutes 8/25/20

Welcome to the 2020 school year! We started by discussing the rates for dues. We think $6 might be a good amount because there are less expenses this year. At the same time, we have less ways to raise money. Usually waffle sales and classroom food cover a large part of outreach. We brainstormed some ideas for raising money. There… Read more →

Minutes 6/2/20

Nationals is happening from July 24th to 29th online. Pre-convention deadlines are on July 1st. There are still convention contests, service projects, and fellowships. More information can be found on the NJCL website. You can register now, although one can request a refund soon before the convention starts. There was a discussion about how to publicize the convention. Sonia mentioned… Read more →

Minutes 5/26/20

Today we are discussing the logistics of the banquet. The seniors are in charge. This morning, Victoria, Sophie, and Magis met to discuss the time/date. The banquet is happening at 5pm on Friday, June 5th. We talked about the pros and cons of 5 and 6pm, and decided on 5pm. Morgan will do the sacrifice. Magis will get the pig… Read more →