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Minutes 5/19/20

Sonia, Ahna, and Magis have written a tentative program for convention, which they will share with the board for edits.  There are some unknowns regarding Nationals. Magis suggested that a board member connect with NJCL to find out what is happening when. We need to find out the deadline for preconvention and the logistics of the dates/time for the online… Read more →

Minutes 5/12/20

Ethan shared the meeting agenda with Sonia. Welcome to all the new officers! Claire will post on social media about new officers. Everyone who is new will have a big role in convention. Ahna shared the list of committee members. We still need a head for Agora, chess, decorations, graphic arts, videographer, and workshops. Evan Kitt will do more research… Read more →

Minutes 5/5/20

There were no contested office positions for MJCL elections. Old officers will reach out to new officer in their position to explain the positions.  Ahna Kim and Sonia Agarwal are the new consuls. Claire Lenden is first vice president. Evan Kitt is second vice president. Lucas Allard is the Parliamentarian. Anika Porteous and Cate Pittman are the historians. Kayla Davis… Read more →

Minutes 4/28/20

We voted in the CAJCL online elections. Sophie Reynolds led the meeting. Cate Pittman and Kayla Davis were the voting delegates for CAJCL elections. We voted to dispense of the minutes for this meaning to allow everyone to speak freely about who they wish to vote for. Read more →

Minutes 4/21/20

Magis explained that tutoring sign ups are up for this week and next week. She has a meeting tonight at 5pm with the NJCL contest office. She thinks they will talk about virtual awards in place of in-person convention.  Claire will send out information on JCL elections today. Everyone will send in their election materials by Saturday, May 2nd. She… Read more →

Minutes 4/14/20

Magis reminded everyone that the Redwood City Family House is looking for students to tutor the kids who are not going to school. They all have computers, and are now looking for teens to volunteer. Ten people have already volunteered, and Magis added the rest of the board members who are willing. People can set their own hours.  Claire discussed… Read more →

Minutes 3/31/20

Ethan and Claire discussed MJCL election. Claire proposed that every person interested would email her and send in a video for the entire club to watch. This election will happen after the CAJCL election that Ethan is running in late April. We will now be meeting on Tuesdays most weeks, time-dependent on Claire and Jacob’s rehearsal schedules which are released… Read more →

Minutes 3/25/20

All members met on a Zoom meeting. Sonia shared the Convention ‘21 folder with everyone. Victoria is leading the meaning. She asked all members to share their current emotional stability levels. Ahna could not attend the meeting. Sonia sent an email to the Redwood City Family House for the Easter party, but has not heard back. Magis suggested bringing gifts… Read more →

Minutes 3/18/20

Current Menlo Co-Presidents Sophie Reynolds, Victoria Wat, and Ethan Yan; Nuntius Editor Peridot Park; future CAJCL Co-Convention Presidents Sonia Agarwal and Ahna Kim; and Mrs. Vasquez conferenced via Google Meet. We are trying to figure out how we can stay engaged with the Redwood City family house given the shelter-in-place orders; Mrs. Vasquez asked if we could at least try… Read more →

Minutes 3/10/20

Menlo will not let us travel to LA for state convention. We are still considering Carcer. Victoria will cancel hotel bookings and Sonia will email the Redwood City family house to cancel the Easter party. Maybe we will make an Easter basket for each family. Or we could make wreaths for their doors. Sonia will ask the family house how… Read more →